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Lil' Lullaby

Every cloud has it's silver lining and Helena & Bram - the creators behind this lovely sustainable brand - have taken this very literally!


When Helena's baby boy Lionel was born, she went searching for aesthetic, personal and sustainable baby stuff. She decided to put her degree 'Fashion & Styling' to good use and started creating the sweetest baby-essentials.


4 years later Helena decided to introduce her creations to a broader audience and founded Lil' Papoe, the brand name referencing her son, Lionel's Papoea New Guinea's background.​ Helena's personal touch is showing in the wonderful designs, Bram's musical talent is audible ... He composed the music cloud's sweet lullaby!


Lil' Papoe creations are unique,  handmade with lots of love, attention to detail and fine finish. Designed and manufactured in Antwerp from natural materials, such as 100% organic cotton and wood. Since June 2021, a part of production has been outsourced in Portugal. Honest and sweet for little ones, their parents and the planet! You can read more here about our efforts to be as sustainable as possible.


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